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Marie Rose is the shortest female fighter in the Dead or Alive series, standing at only 4’10”, with a small frame. She has blonde, waist-length hair that’s held up in twin-pigtails with black ribbons and has light blue eyes.

She appears very childlike, and looks younger than her actual age. Her initial design is inspired by Gothic Lolita Fashion, displayed by her default costume which is a modified strapless maid dress, with arm sleeves. Her other alternate outfits are quite modest, with a lot of Gothic Lolita implements; platform heeled shoes, black nail polish, Gothic arm accessories, and frequently use of the colors black and white are recurring elements in her additional outfits. Her ribbons are also always black, with the choice of pointed or tied ribbons, or a black and white bonnet.

While her revealing outfits are sexualized significantly (like the other female fighters’ costumes), her outfits are mostly skirts, and aside from her bloomers in her signature Gothic Lolita dress, her undergarments are basically the same as the other girls. The swimsuits she gains in Dead or Alive 5 Last Round are one-piece suits, including a sukumizu.

Marie Rose

from: Dead or Alive (DOA)


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