Presenting Haydêe Tebelin by Sumyuna Cosplay…

A long time ago, she and her family ruled the planet Janina, which was located in between Earth and Eastern Space. Their planet was in trouble due to the ongoing conflicts in the area, and unfortunately, the one human who was supposed to help them, Fernand Mondego, killed her father Ali Tebelin, the Pasha of Janina, took the Pasha’s wealth for his own, and sold Haydee and her mother, the Queen, into slavery. Sadly, her mother died sometime afterward, and gave her a dagger that Haydee would use to kill herself with if anyone was going to violate her. Sometime afterward, Haydee would be “freed” from slavery by the Count of Monte Cristo, although his reasons for doing so were entirely evil in nature, something she wouldn’t find out for quite awhile.

Haydêe Tebelin

from: Gankutsuou

Sumyuna Cosplay

I’m Laura, a cosplayer from Madrid.

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